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"The right of voting
for representation
is the primary right
by which other
rights are protected."
- Thomas Paine

Welcome to Voting Solutions' Web Site!

Home of ChoicePlus Pro, the open-source software to count Ranked Choice (IRV, STV, etc.) elections.

You can download the software and code that is regularly used to tally Cambridge, Massachusetts City Council STV elections and was used to tally Burlington, Vermont's March 2006 IRV election.


Sample ChoicePlus™ STV Output
    (1999 and 2001 Cambridge, MA Elections)

Sample ChoicePlus™ STV Output
    (2007 KPFA Local Station Board Election)

Sample ChoicePlus™ IRV Output
    (a demonstration IRV election)

    Take a Closer Look at IRV Data



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