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"Laws and institutions must
go hand in hand with the
progress of the human mind
... As that becomes more
enlightened, institutions
must advance also to keep
pace with the times."

-- Thomas Jefferson

ChoicePlus™ Pro Download

version 2.3.4, 8/1/2009

Voting Solutions does not requiring users of ChoicePlus™ Pro to pay us a license fee - it is yours to use free of charge, but with no support.

ChoicePlus™ Pro may be downloaded at no cost for use on an as-is basis. There is no implied warranty as to the suitability or proper behavior of this software.

PLEASE NOTE: ChoicePlus™ Pro is a java-based program, and requires a Jave Run-time Environment (JRE) in order to run. If you do not have a JRE installed on your computer, visit Sun's Java Site to get it.

If you wish to download ChoicePlus™ Pro, please provide the following information - no salesmen will call! 8^)

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