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  ChoicePlus™ Details

What is ChoicePlus™?

ChoicePlus™ is a computer program that counts Choice Voting elections.

Internationally, Choice Voting is an election system used in Australia, Ireland, Malta. In the United States, it is used by the City of Cambridge to elect its city council and school committee.

Choice Voting is used in many non-governmental elections, such as college student body and faculty senate elections, the high-IQ group Mensa, and the Academy Award nominations. It has very wide non-governmental usage in England.

ChoicePlus™ was the first computer program ever used to count a governmental Choice Voting election. It has been proven in many elections, is stable, powerful and reliable. It has also been used in many non-governmental elections.

(Note: Choice Voting is also called Preference Voting, Single Transferable Voting, the Hare system, the Alternative Vote, Instant Runoff Voting, among other names)

What features does ChoicePlus™ have?

ChoicePlus™ has a very large number of features:

  • It reads data in ASCII format, allowing great flexibility in how the data is input.
  • It counts an election very rapidly -- typically less than 15 seconds for a small election.
  • It produces a number of different reports.
  • It supports number of different Choice Voting rules. For example:
    • counts using either a fractional or random transfer method. Within each of these transfer types, there are other options supported.
    • uses either the Droop or Hare threshold.
    • handles ties in the standard Choice Voting manner or by other methods.
  • It can accept and handle (or not allow) duplicate rankings.
  • It accomodates write-in candidates
  • It has special recounting capability.
  • It allows user-defined data formatting -- a powerful feature used to interface to various data collection equipment and software.
  • It can process data that is in many different files, and can produce reports based on how the data is separated (e.g. allowing separate reports based on wards and precincts.)
  • It provides full auditing capabilities -- a necessity in public elections.

There are many other features that ChoicePlus™ has. No other Choice Voting program is as powerful or as proven as ChoicePlus™.

To download ChoicePlus™ Pro, Click Here

For more information on ChoicePlus™, send e-mail to info@votingsolutions.com.